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Miss June 2010 Katie Vernola offers up a new definition of Blonde Bombeshell. But who better to do that than an iconic Playmate. For more Playboy:
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Marian Rivera makes history as the only three-time FHM Sexiest Woman in the Philippines!

The one where Marian Rivera left the FHM Nation in awe with her very brief runway appearance. To be honest, we didn’t think she’d be able to top her outfit from last year, but boy, were we wrong.

The one where the sexiest women in the land finally gathered onstage. Is this your wildest fantasy being realized or what?

The one where Marian finally took off that massive thing above her head. Admit it: You were distracted by it just as much as we were! To those who want to see what she looks like minus the show tune headpiece, here you go. Congratulations, Your Royal Highness!

Studi sulla recitazione diretti da Roberto Cajafa

Interpreti Elisabetta Carmignani, Cinzia Cesarini, Francesca Frigo, Cristina Vacchini

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A sneak peek at 30 minute episode of Playboy Playmate Iryna Ivanova’s Model Adventure by SexyShorts.TV

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Toby Turner’s Sexual Assault Scandal, Pewdiepie vs KEEMSTAR
Toby Turner Denies Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct In Vlog Video, A tearful Toby Turner categorically denied allegations by ex-girlfriend and fellow YouTube star April Fletcher (aka April Efff) that he mentally and physically abused her throughout their relationship, as she detailed in a lengthy Tumblr post on Friday. According to Fletcher, Turner raped her and also drugged her when he slipped Molly into her drink in 2013.

In a one-minute video on his vlog channel titled The Truth., Turner responded, “A person I dated a few years ago has just made some extremely serious, false accusations about me, and I want to be crystal clear: I have never done anything without her consent. I’ve never tried to trick her into anything. I read her Tumblr post and I was shocked and I was hurt. These allegations are absolutely false. I just wanted to address it. That’s all.”

In the wake of Fletcher’s allegations, several other women have come forward to offer comment. Ex-girlfriend Amelia Talon said that she was also drugged by Turner, and that he attempted to pressure her into having sex. Jaclyn Glenn, who dated Turner in 2015, said she felt pressured in certain instances during their relationship, but was never forced to do anything against her will. Olga Kay, another ex, tweeted that “I was never drugged or raped or felt unsafe in any way.”

Turner counts roughly 15 million subscribers across his three channels. He has also landed roles in a handful of TV and film projects and a book deal with Harper Collins. A YouTube Red series titled I Am Tobuscus is currently in the works — described as a scripted comedy about a self-involved YouTube star.

Turner is not the first high-profile YouTuber to be accused of mental and physical abuse. A rash of similar accusations began coming to light in 2014, with creators like Alex Carpenter, Alex Day, and Sam Pepper being named as assailants by fans and fellow creators alike.

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YouTuber Toby Turner’s Sexual Assault Scandal Broken Down


Toby Turner ( RAPE ) Allegations #DramaAlert Tobuscus Story Gets Bigger!

Toby Turner ( RAPE ) Allegations #DramaAlert Tobuscus – Drugged , Abused, & RAPED – April Skywalker

Toby Turner Rape Allegations

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@jaclyn_swedberg || Jaclyn Swedberg

Jaclyn Swedberg was born on August 14, 1990 in the United States. Her acting career started following her appearance in the television series Badass! in 2010. Two years after, she made an appearance in the TV show Pauly Shore’s Pauly~tics.She recently starred in Wayne Holloway’s 2013 sports film Snake and Mongoose. She has also gained notoriety for her appearances in magazines such as on Playboy magazine, being Playmate of the Month for the April 2011 edition.She went on to become the Playmate of the Year in 2012. In addition, she was included in the “Top 100 Sexiest Women Alive 2013? list.

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Rock The Mansion 2011

Claire Sinclair on Crazy Horse Paris Burlesque at “Fight Night Rock The Mansion” red carpet arrivals to benefit MyLife MyPower, a charity aiming to stop the cycle of school bullying by helping children and adults who have suffered from it, at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, Ca USA August 27, 2011 –

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Surely you’ve heard about Lovi Poe’s royal return as this month’s FHM Cover Girl.

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Directed by Stefano Mutolo.
Produced by Gianni Tbay and Stefano Mutolo.

Carolina Pezzini …………………………Carolina
Alessandro Bezzi……………… 1
Tazio Borgognoni…….………….brother 2
Lucia Catalani…………………….Mother
Guglielmo “Willy” Nodari………..Boyfriend
Paola Burolla…………………………dancer
Giada Morari…………………………dancer
Alfonso Morari………………………dancer

and camera operator……..……….. Stefano Petti
Assistant director…………..….. Gabriella Denisi
Assistant camera …………….….Cristina Valiani
Second assistant camera …………Greta Merletti
Production designer……………..….Daniele Berti

Editor ………………………… Pierpaolo De Sanctis

Color Correction……………………..Radical Plans

and pre-production support …..Andrea Parena (BabyDocFilm)
Additional footage…………………….Carlo Borean and Gabriella Denisi

“Bitch Boxer” is a stage show directed by Edoardo Zucchetti and played by Carolina Pezzini

Filmed in Petrognano and Ruscello (Arezzo, Italy).

Thanks to:

Anna Gabbi e Massimo Mengozzi
Sagra dell’ocio di Ruscello (Arezzo)
Cinzia Dragoni e Roberto Nocciolini
Fulvia Tanfi
Mauro Frosini
Ettore Mengozzi
Martina Mengozzi
Mario Mutolo
Edoardo Zucchetti
Berta Film
Marco Iannini
Fabrizio Martorelli
Francesca Frigo
Samuele Rossi

“Keep It Goin’” and “Medium Size Star Bound” written and performed by Gianni TBAY.

Gianni TBAY simultaneously plays guitar, vocals, drums and various wood and scrap metal gear, including the uncanny “invisible iron snare 3.0”

Music from the LP “Apprentice” by The Blues Against Youth, on Beast Records.
2016 © The Blues Against Youth – All rights reserved


Everyone at Beast Records, Rennes

“The Dancin’ Chicken” is our humble tribute to “Stroszek” and it goes out to Werner, Bruno and Eva.

Nobody hurt the chicken during the shooting.
She’s healthy and kickin’, and now livin’ on the farm.