FHM 2011 top 50 (PHILIPPINES)

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FHM top 50 2011 voted from philippines most of the pictures are from fhm.com.ph credits to them..

Playmate Home Videos: Shera Bechard's Big Night (PMOY 2011)

Vote for the 2011 Playmate of the Year at http://pmoy.playboy.com.

http://www.playboy.com/girl/shera-bechard/ Miss November Shera Bechard visits the Playboy Club in Las Vegas and gets ready for her first autograph signing.


Harry Magbanua says:

Akin kh nlg. .jackie rice. .?

Harry Magbanua says:

Sexy wow hot?

MrElmer25ph says:

Need money sexy din me gaya nya? Karen 09094185248

Juan Tamad says:

NUMBER? 37 what the Fuck…

jecka ng says:

all about him? – auburn

osob musa says:

whats the? song ? :)

zztop7000 says:

Top 1 Sam pinto? It’s Daiana Menezes you dumbed fuck! Daiana Menezes has more commercial more tv? shows and more fans more sponshorship and more magazines! Sam pinto is the ugliest in your top 50! Do some homework you dumbed fuck!

nipplesuckerxxx says:

gimik tau 09476013488 -? shane

solmazArman says:


chellesanmateo says:

bakit andyan c rosie? hunnington?

900jcp says:

ang? init grabe napaka hot nmn.

Ybru Tablang says:

dapat si angel yung no.1,tpos si marian no.2..hahaha,dapat no. 50 lng xa….?

iloveyoudennis22 says:

hey like also? her channel THEPEAKITTY at fanpage sa FB,cno pla top5 fhm mo 2011?

NikoDemous1 says:

that’s? Good !

iloveyoudennis22 says:

hindi lang dapat rearange dapat delete? and replace…
isama natin si CHARMAINE PIAMONTE hehehehe

NikoDemous1 says:

rearrange? it.

mibella says:

I think it’s weird that most of these models are not even full Filipino. I think there are some really hot full Filipinos (that I’ve seen before). People need to look more… Not use any random? woman that is light skinned… or mixed half Caucasian
but less than half are pretty.. more than half are not full or not at all Filipino. Kim Chui? She’s full Chinese..

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