Sexy Bikini Girl Drinks 2L of Water Part 1 (Belly Stuffing Bloating)

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Click here for part 2: This is the sexiest hottest stuffing/bloating video I ever seen. Sexy girl wearing a bikini drinks 2 liters of water. Her belly gets so bloated. Part 1.


youbestnotbebehindme says:

Ironically enough, I re-found this video 9 months? after my comment..

My offer still stands, btw.

TheTruthOfZion says:

Beer works? better

Belly King says:

Those? tits and that belly

cyfer4420 says:

I? want that

zkxlz says:

Great? looking muff…

Daehawk says:

Can’t ….breath!…sex yyyyyy….wow?

dance4evr1000 says:

some please tell me who this? is!!!

chevackakako says:

What’s the point of this??

spiez777 says:

oooo baby u’ve got the world’s sweetest,cutest and the most beautiful belly…i cant control myself n start kissing my screen.your the? sweetest busty lady? on youtube.seriously!! everyday i watch ur videos, and jst cant take my eyes off even for a second while watching you,,i love u more than anybody on you, love ,love you ,xxxxxx

Multigtaable says:

please answer? me

Multigtaable says:

and please!? make a video of you with hiccups I pray

Multigtaable says:

in your next video as? well as that you feels much more breathing and breathing more fast that is very sexy and when do you mandamelo by personal message

Multigtaable says:

I would like to be on? top of your stomach and your move it with your breathing

bradybill1 says:


bradybill1 says:


The4290 says:

I? am wet

wees178 says:

oh hell. why are you teasing me!!!??? Haven’t been this hard in forever!

Princebone22 says:

Thats a man- ster.. 2L? in 210secs OMG..

squiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

who is? shee??????????????????


what a body she has……)?

Dylan Thurman says:

a? fetish

thisrambo says:

someone get this girl a funnel. i have to get to? my next video

angelobangert1 says:

i wan to kiss? your sexy belly button

Sinisterthief says:

good luck with payments over the next 18? years

dbcw3752 says:

she better work? out some more.

jmaloy1701 says:

Omg! 8)?

TheNthwstrn says:

Eat a cheese burger..? That would be impressive

Mauricio0d1 says:

Oi linda, porque você não aproveita e seja uma navel torturer, achu que seria tambem mais uma coisa legal e tem muitas pessoas? que admiram ver um umbigo sendo torturadinhu com objetos ok bjos amor

AKmemphis47 says:

with or without? 2 liters, i’d still stick it in…

dpsoccerstud17 says:

i like? what i see! 😉

surazG11 says:

i WANT to FEEL those BEAUTIFUL things!!!?

crazycorey82 says:

Your really cute ?????????

toastphantom228 says:


TheMrfelson says:

I’ve seen hotter girls at and you dont even need to enter an email address to register free for the private? rooms!.

kmjjut says:

i want u? to do a bigger bloat

Sponschka says:


thecoolguy4evr says:

I’m not looking at? her belly
I wonder that it tastes delicious

supermango1000 says:

Oh the things I would? do to you, got anymore room in your tummy fer me?

supermango1000 says:

And BOOM goes my dynamite.?

youbestnotbebehindme says:

If you’re looking for a bigger belly, I can? help you out after some bed time fun..

krillthefish says:

ill tell you what…it would take? a shit load of something to make you not sexy! amazing! and beautiful!

whereisthespacebar10 says:

why can’t i? just go to a porn site?… DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111

omegatds1 says:

nagyon csinos és sexy? vagy

outieboy16 says:

noooooo u have a sexy body? dont get fatter or gain water weight

earl77 says:

Nice? bazoongas and bellybutton.

nxs335 says:

nice belly but you could’ve pulled ou the girls for company ha ha? ha

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